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Update from Cedar Grove, Staten Island

Update from Cedar Grove, Staten Island

Thursday we will be riding into Cedar Grove in Staten Island with supplies and the arriving military tents. The community at Cedar Grove is in high spirits given the circumstances, most of which I’m sure was influenced by the amazing bike club the “hollowed sons,” who have been there since the day of the hurricane. After getting to know many of them and talking to them, I came to realize heir intentions, which weren’t very different from our own. These are our brothers, our sisters, our family, and we can’t sit around and wait for government agencies like FEMA and the Red Cross to get their shit together, if we did everyone would be in an even worse position. Don’t be fooled America, while you may see FEMA and the Red Cross on the news, they are not doing a damn thing. For example, the VP of the bike club was telling me how on the 3rd day after, they showed up and went straight to where media was filming people helping move things. Two FEMA officials were quickly put in the spot light to make it look like they were doing something, the camera went off, and the two FEMA officials went back to their relief tent, which by the way was more than a mile away from where the help was needed. When asking locals about the Red Cross, all I kept hearing is how the only thing they were doing was walking around with a clipboard being extremely rude.

My own experience with the military out here… While most of us are helping unload and load supplies, doing clean up and many other things, they can be seen sitting on their asses about 50ft away doing nothing. So again please don’t be fooled by the media. I was also told about a collective of EMTs that were discussing how many people they had found dead, and how the numbers they had between them was about four times as many as what they are reporting to the public through the media. Absolutely disgusting, but not surprising. If anyone is looking to get out to Cedar Grove in New Dorp please contact me because no community should be forgotten. As for the Occupy presence in Cedar Grove specifically, there have been 5 of us. I understand that many of us are in Brooklyn and other places, but if there are 50 of us in the Rockaways and 5 in Cedar Grove that’s a problem considering the equal amount of loss among the heaviest hit of communities.

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  1. Mary Yau says:

    Are you doing this everyday?

  2. lbp says:

    Fuck FEMA and fuck Red Cross. They should be dumped along with the rest of the trash. Let’s make our own FEMA and Red Cross.


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