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Student Debt | Occupied Stories - Part 2

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File Bankruptcy Now

Graduated from college with $25,000 in debt and my family handed me a pile of credit card debt, $30,000, in my name.  Accepting the fate that I would be in debt for 10+ years on my meager college graduate income, I contacted a bankruptcy attorney.  She told me to pay one card so you don’t have to notify them and they won’t cancel on you.  Then you FILE!

Four and a half years later Wells Fargo was beating down my door to buy a home since my debt/income ratio was now under control.  But please know that I have been recently denied for a credit increase on my credit card because of the bankruptcy.

File bankruptcy now to clear your conscious and to stop those monsters from calling you and telling you how immoral your behavior is for not paying your debt.  The banks sell your debt to these vultures and you file to make them go away.

Save your future income and your family all this pain and file bankruptcy now.

– Matt –

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I am NOT a Slut, and I am NOT Lazy!

My (now ex) husband is in the Navy.  We were married for over 8 years and were expecting our third child when I discovered he was addicted to incest and child porn.  He refused to get help or quit, so I decided the best thing for our children was to leave.  He controlled all the finances, so I had to borrow $8,000 to pay for a lawyer and moving expenses.

So there I was, 2 kids, a third on the way, all by myself, and I only qualified to make minimum wage.  I enrolled in college; I’m almost done and I have $36,000 in student loans.  While I go to school, we live on my ex’s child support (a whole 20% of his income) which puts us below the poverty line.

A little over a year ago, I reunited with an old friend that I had known since childhood.  Birth control failed and I became pregnant.  My daughter was born with special needs: Erb’s Palsy and clubbed feet, so we thought.  She is 8 months old now, her treatment has cost over $25,000 so far, and it’s not working.  She is now being tested for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (also known as Brittle Bone disease).

So now I’m raising 4 children (3 conceived with their father who I was married to, one conceived with a man I’ve known for 30 years),  all while going to college full time, taking care of a 2 bedroom 1 bath house that is way too small for all of us, and making it to all of the 3 to 5 Doctor appointments each and every week.  I’m also drowning in debt, and with all the medical attention my daughter needs, I have absolutely no hope of ever finding a job that will allow me to work around my baby’s many doctor appointments.

I am sick and tired of people looking at me and assuming I’m a slut because I have 4 kids.  I’m sick and tired of people looking at me like I’m abusing my baby just because she has casts on her poor little legs.  I’m sick and tired of people assuming I’m lazy because I live below the poverty line and I’m accumulating massive debt.  I work my butt off taking care of my children and my responsibilities all while trying to make our lives better; I deserve a little bit of respect…. is that really too much to ask?

– Heather –

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The Cost of Helping Others

A massage therapist. An acupuncturist. 7 years of schooling, and dogpiled under $134,000 worth of debt between two degrees: an Associate’s (2 year) degree, and a Master’s degree (3.5 year), plus 1 year of community college. This is the deep cost of the small, private colleges that teach people how to help with their hands, their minds, and notwith pharmaceuticals, but with the immense power of the human body to heal itself.

We’ve been indoctrinated by Big Pharma to believe that our bodies can’t possibly know how to fix itself, and that only their expensive puppet-doctors and pills are the only thing that can possibly help.

Reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

The body has an immense capability to fix it, whether through herbs, through diet, exercise, massage, meditation or acupuncture.

A fervent Occupy Oaklander, during every event, you would find this healthcare practitioner at the heart of Oscar Grant Plaza, offering free acupuncture and massage treatment for any one who was willing. It’s a firm belief that anyone who wants healthcare should be allowed to have it, and that is the deepest base idea of this blooming medical practice.

A staunch practitioner of the Buddhist ideal of nonviolence. Do not misunderstand: Nonviolence does not equate to cowardice. In fact, there is a monumental amount of courage required to maintain such a lifestyle. There’s a deep level of compassion for all living beings, including those doing the oppressing. To walk up to those people with open hands held high and a bright smile takes nothing but the utmost level of courage.

There is no hate, no malice, no violence, in this heart. It would be easy to regret the tens of thousands of dollars that was required to come to this point. But why would anyone shy away from this depth of love, at any price?

The photo included is of 5 acupuncturist brothers and sisters treating patients on the steps of Oscar Grant Plaza during the Oakland General Strike on November 2, 2011.

– Jon Nelson –

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Just Wanted a College Degree

All I wanted was to do what I was taught was right when I graduated high school: to get a college degree and make my parents proud.

My passions fall into art. I searched and searched and found the perfect art college I could join, right by my parents’ house. This way I could still live with them while I finished my schooling.

Little did I know that “The Art Institutes” are for-profit private schools that have been building a reputation as loan farmers. What they do is use scam business practices and fake numbers and statistics like “85% of our graduates have a full time job the first 6 months out of school.” These statistics were what got me to join.

They then force you to get federal student loans and go through their recommended private bank partners, like Sallie Mae, to loan your money to you.

I’ve seen 7/10 of first year students get tricked into joining the audio productions degree program there because they were led to believe that it was something that it was not. They also brush the tuition of $90,000 under the table while they register you and make sure you are confident and trusting when you join.

I realized their scam too late. After two years in the program, I realized there was no real guaranteed jobs for my degree–that this degree was just made up out of no where, and that I could have went into this field and been successful without even going to college! I also witnessed the school screw over my classmates first-hand and put them $15-20,000 in debt for a year only to realize they were lied to from the beginning about what the school was really about. I am already a senior in the school so it is too late to pull out now. I’m going to finish the degree and hope I will find a job that will be good enough to pay the 600 monthly payments on student loans I will have to pay as soon as I graduate. But I know already that this is unlikely. I understand this field now, and now I will have to be very lucky to ever make enough money to pay this off easily.

With Sallie Mae’s ridiculous, selfish interest rates, I will pay $120,000+ for a stupid art degree that doesn’t mean anything.

These for-profit private schools the Art Institutes are loan farmers, are selfish. They don’t care about art or music. They care about manipulation and money, and I was a sucker. Now will have to struggle the rest of my life with no guaranteed job at all to pay this mistake off.

Thank you America.

– Anonymous –

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America, Start Caring

FARGO, ND – I’ve been a part of the Occupation in Fargo since Global Action Day, October 15. My name is Malyn, and I’m a first year college student. I’m Occupying because oil companies are polluting without repercussions, and because people are not able to make living wages. I’m here because I’ll have $40,000 in debt after college, and that’s actually considered a bargain. I’m here because we (particularly the 1%, but ALL of us) have stopped caring about each other and our planet. Occupy Fargo Moorhead is a fairly small Occupation, but everyone here is very dedicated. We’ve had a largely positive response from the community, which is wonderful. To everyone in the area and across the country, solidarity and peace!


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