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Argentina: Housing Crisis Gives Birth to Occupy Rosario Movement

Editors note: A version of this story was published at Ocupa Rosario

Rosario, Argentina – It seems like it’s an uncertain future for Argentina, after the financial crisis that first hit Argentina in 2001, today the nation faces yet another crisis.  Argentina’s poor and lower middle class families are the most affected by the lack of affordable housing in all major cities across the country.

In Rosario, Santa Fe this year alone there have been more than four large land occupations of both privately and publicly owned properties. Unable to pay high rent prices, families out of desperation build shanty towns on any piece of vacant land. (source: La Capital) The city responded to these mass occupations by serving families with eviction notices.(video) Currently, there are  80000 uninhabited homes in Rosario alone. (source: Notiexpress)
Occupy Rosario camped in front of the Municipal Palace in Rosario, Santa Fe at the Plaza 25 de Mayo for 126 consecutive days to shed light on the lack of housing for the poor and discrimination between the classes. Our side of the story was made public at Occupied Stories. The city claimed that we were disorderly and constantly engaging in violent and malicious acts of protests.  Mainstream media rarely covered the true events, however, we have released a cronological documentary depicting live events telling our side of the story on Youtube (spanish).
As the crisis deepens and many poor neighborhoods face mass evictions Occupy Rosario has pledged their support by publishing a “How to avoid eviction” page on their website and presenting the need for housing and equality for the poor at city council meetings. The struggle for equal rights, housing and dignified work continues.
-Claudia Minuet-

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May Day Loner

FIVE COLLEGES, MA–This area of Western Massachusetts, usually a hotbed of progressive activity, has no May Day events (other than an evening theater piece) taking place. Maybe so many activists have gone to NYC, Boston, Worcester or Pittsfield that no one was left to organize anything locally. Let’s hope so.

In any case, feeling pretty stupid sitting in front of this keyboard watching Occupy May Day go down elsewhere, I decided instead to dig out some really ancient plaques buried under a decade of crap and put them to good use. Fortuitously, they spelled out in large letters: “May Day! Corporate siege of planet!!” (They were also waterproof.)

I then drove them to an overpass on I-91 where the state had cleverly installed chain link fencing in front of the bridge’s original rails (making an ideal plaque holder!) and installed them for both north and southbound motorists to ponder (did I mention the plaques were day glow yellow?)

OK, OK, so it’s not exactly the Brooklyn Bridge action, right? But, you can do something, even if you’re on your own.


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Spring is Coming!

In the run-up to what promises to be a May Day to remember, we are collecting stories from the people who are pouring their soul into making it happen. Are you involved in planning for May Day in your occupation? Have you been to any of the actions building toward the general strike? Tell us about it at

Spread the word! Check out these free, downloadable posters.

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