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I’m In Love With a 1%er


I should have been alarmed
When you started speaking in equations
Numerical manipulations
And your stories didn’t add up

Human expression cost too much
So you began sending me
Bank statements instead of love letters
The one I trusted with my parents’ retirement
And my children’s future
Promised to be there when I needed you
That we were in this together
And then bailed

Out with every red cent
I worked so hard for
To keep you in the black

I should have known
That you would bleed me for everything I own
When our conversations…
Became computations
Before you stopped speaking to me at all

You looked at me differently
I was the 1st customer of your mom and pop’s shop
You were dowered in store credit
Carded cause you looked too young to qualify
For your first small business loan
You LOVED government assistance then
And only love socialism for the rich now

Your eyes glinted like a castrated bull
And you began seeing me
Flush with rouge and sweat and stress
I was YOUR employee then
Did what was best for “the team”
Took the pay cuts
Gave the benefits up
Because what was good for you
Was good for “US”

You traveled
Left me home
With kids and student loans
To man your phones
While you said
“Baby, I’m only gon be gone for a few months
Once we get these factories stacked up, I’ll send for you…
I’m doing this for us.”

And soon
You had more employees there
Than here
They were younger and cheaper
Than me
Barely legal
You and your off shore whores

The last time I saw you
You did not see me
You crept into our apartment
At 18 Broad Street
To grab your account paperwork
Take it back to your island bank
Without so much as kissing me on the forehead
Son and daughter laying in bed beside me
And you didn’t even kiss your future goodbye

Because you didn’t want to wake them
But now they are awake
Screaming for you
…To leave

You look
At me differently
Like an obstacle
Like you could have been more
Without taking care of my freeloading ass
Like you could have HAD more
Without overpaying wages to my lazy ass
Like you could have made more
Without the rules
Without thinking about other people besides your self
Without me nagging you about human rights
Environmental protections
And genocide

But you did.
You made more SHIT
Than we could possibly need
More than we could possibly greed
And when you ran out of a middle class to feed
You were made paranoid by YOUR dogs eating each other
And made the competition

I should have seen it coming
When we began breaking dishes and bedroom doors
Over which Presidential Candidates we’d support
You wanted the ones you could buy
I wanted the ones I voted for
You began acquiring houses
By selling them to people you knew couldn’t afford them
You picked up a gambling problem
And kept lying about some shit that didn’t exist on the stock market
Then one day
You got drunk on your own stories
Told some may lies you forgot where they started
Almost got stung
Ended up buying your own junk
Bonded out of jail just in time to OD our economy
Put that stuff so deep in your vanity
That we all felt like our hopes and dreams had collapsed with your arteries

But there’s always a silver lining
Silver I’ll never put in your possession again
I used to be in an abusive relationship with a Bankster, before you
But I promised myself that never again
Will I believe anything a junkee says
Cause I seen you selling since
New car, new suit, new parachute, looking like a bonus
Yo ass could almost pass for a man, but I know…

If there’s one thing I learned by seeing the entire financial industry
On their knees begging for a piece of my tax dollars
like it would save their life
Flatlined on the floor of 11 Wall St.
Black three piece suit,
Not a drop of blood
After being shot in the head twice

Still alive
While my hands
Cup my insides
And the floor of my country floods
With all ten pints of me

I learned
That corporations aren’t people
Because people
In the streets.



Written on Day 26 of the Occupy Wall St. protest in New York City and Day12 of the Occupy Albuquerque protest. They’re making their move on NYC and Denver. Be prepared, my people. Love. – Hakim Bellamy-

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First, You Laughed


First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you.
Then you win. -Ghandi

We couldn’t even afford to protest
Until you gave up our jobs, America
You wanted us on the streets
And now we’re home

Built elaborate institutions of hired learning
Taught us nothing, except
How to go into debt

We’re right where you want us
Sleeping in the park
Next to garbage can
Erupting with diplomas
That will finally be worth
Their weight in paper and
Keep the heat on

The constitution will not be televised
Or brought to you by Citibank

Assembly is a right
Not a permit

Employed media and fear
To keep us in homes we don’t own
In these times
Where it takes more paperwork
To congregate
Than segregate

Welcome to you, America
Home of the Dollar Store
Where everything is 99 percent

Land of the Free…
For now…
And for the first six months

But after that
Interest is a bitch

Gave us banks
Instead of better standards of living
Where the average worker
Puts life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
On lay-a-way
gave us credit
Instead of competitive wages
Cheapened our children’s education
Then said
If we want the good shit
We can pay for it

Said there’s too much overhead
To let us retire
Which is about as American
As McDonald’s apple pies

Made the Statue of Liberty a liar
Gave her our tired, our poor
As we’re here
Huddled en masse yearning to breathe free
In the name of freedom
We’re dying in the streets

Dying at our desks
Noose a life insurance policy around our
Just to pay the rent
Pays out better than health insurance
Cause when we’re dead there’s less risk
While our premiums are spent
On financial instruments that don’t
fuckin’ exist

Orphaned us to a system
That blames us when we die
Use the market to hide behind
Statements like
“Health care is not a human right”
Blame our death on our love of freedom
When the heart attack and hypertension



Come from being under attack
Every working day of our lives

The bottom line
Is not just to separate us from our money
It’s to separate us from one another
Cause when people get together ‘round some
They’ll organize the fcuk out of each other

So I won’t listen to you tell me that
Unions are the problem
And the WTO is here to help
Or that
“For quality purposes”
You gotta privatize the information
Cadillac plan the internet
While the bought and sold
Corporate media BEEN for sale

Tell me another one
Cause laughter is the only thing I can afford right now
Tell me that job creation
Isn’t the furthest thing from the minds
Of the 1%
Cause you ain’t gotta be noble prize winner in economics
To know that low wages and labor equal high profits

Tell me another one
Like being a patriot means being silent
Like Dr. King’s legacy wasn’t manufactured
Into a corporate icon
Like he didn’t get a bullet in his head
As soon as he started talking about poverty
Like he didn’t say
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”

Tell me another one
Herman, fuckin’, Cain
To blame myself
For being 99 and not 1
For being on the losing end of a class war
Started by “people”

(In tax designation only)
With their hands so far up your ass
That you Muppet Marie Marionette phrases like
“Let them eat cake”

This is not a laughing matter
We’ve been out here for months
And winter is coming…

Our homes don’t have heat
And yours do

You’ve even banned us from the park benches
SO guess who coming for dinner

What used to be a problem of the poor
Is now a problem of yours…

There’s a Russian Proverb that goes:

The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide food

But what do we eat
When we have nothing else to lose…

To you.


© Hakim Bellamy 11.11.11


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