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Goldman Sachs Shareholder Meeting Protest in Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ- I arrived at 8am and was the first one there. The river was foggy and the top of the Goldman skyscraper was hidden in clouds. Some light rain fell on and off for the first hour. The ferrys to various parts of the city arrived every five minutes or so and discharged their passengers. I decided to stay on the prominade where more arriving workers were walking from the Path train station four blocks north up river. I had painted some signs on the red velvet backs of thrown away old theater seats that I had saved from a dumpster. They read:
Goldman Sachs: Serial Bubble Blower
No Ethical Principles !
Moral Hazard= Goldman Sachs
99% Reject Green
Goldman Sachs cooked Greece’s Books
Debt hidden by Debt Swaps
EURO Depression caused by Deception
People’s Pain+ Goldman Sachs

No Investing in Sex slavery of Girls
Goldman Sachs owned 16% of
Village Voice Media owner of
Child prostitution site

There were other signs on some other red velvet  shields. About eight signs in all, which some people who came later carried around as workers walked by on the way to work. Some people stopped to talk to us, but most just kept on walking and read the signs in passing without comment.

Jeff was the second OWS protester to arrive and then Mike from New Jersey. Soon more people came from the direction of the Path train station up the river.

About 9:30 even more protestors came. Some police showed up after about an hour, and stood around smiling and joking among themselves at a wall where private Goldman security guards were checking IDs of people going past.Everything was low key, and the Guitarmy guys came, Kevin, Henry, and a few others whose names I forget.  They added a lot of zest to the protest as they sang some great songs- a few of which were specific to Goldman Sachs.  Thanks to Guitarmy group for showing up, as their music always adds to the atmosphere in a very positive way. I played the drums a little before the rain started.  After the group had reached about 50 people we started walking in a circle, singing and chanting, outside the marine terminal where the Goldman property began. A New Jersey property rights group showed up in yellow tee shirts numbering about 20 or more. So all told about 70 people showed up on this foggy day.

Kevin Jones read from a book called Preditor Nation, and Jeff  read information about Goldman Sachs amoral investment history and cheating of their own clients. Some other people also made statements about Goldman Sachs, and the addition of Michaele Burns to the Goldman Audit committee. Michaele Burns was with Walmart Audit Committee in 2006 when the store chain bribed Mexican officials to get quick approval for building some Walmarts in Mexico.  Goldman must have found out about this recently and decided she is the best possible person they want to audit for them…… Another interesting decision from Goldman that reflects so much more than they intended.

Around 11:45 the rain really started. We huddled under a Barclays Bank portico until some New Jersey police showed up and they said the bank had complained and we had to go. It was pouring rain and the police were very sorry to have to ask us to leave due to the heavy rain. But the Barclays Bank portico was private property and the Bank didn’t want us all huddled around under their front door. They had called the police after 15 minutes. It was obvious the police were as miserable in the rain as we all were.  So we all left.

To sum up- it was a good gathering of high spirited protesters, and we made our presence felt. Some media were there, Bloomberg, a Japanese reporter from some overseas newspaper, Reuters, NPR, etc.(No local New Jersey paper bothered to show up)- and took pictures, so hopefully Goldman executives will know we haven’t forgotten their amoral and unethical financial practices.
Thats a wrap-

   -Tommy Fox-

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