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Scenes From Occupy Halfway, Oregon (video)

Scenes From Occupy Halfway, Oregon (video)

We often hear scenes from the Occupy movement at large cities, and it’s easy to forget what’s happening in the smaller towns that are no less affected by what goes on at Wall Street. A reader submitted this video from Occupy Halfway, Oregon, which features a scene not often portrayed as part of the movement. But as Cheryl, and occupier in Halfway (population: 337) says, “Even in rural populations, we have concerns about what goes on in our government.”



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  1. Liz McLellan says:


    Yup – that’s us! Get in touch! We’re still going strong.

  2. Spring Bartlett says:

    What a great video. See you at the Move-to-Amend Citizen’s United petition tables on Halfway’s only intersection street corner, coming soon on Friday afternoons.


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