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Same Old Story


After graduating High school, I was young and brash, and definitely not interested in further schooling.  I was also an excellent musician and knew with absolute certainty that I would eventually make my living as a musician and performer.

At the age of 23, after a series of dream and soul-crushing factory temp jobs, I decided to attend college for music education.

I still have the unshakeable belief that I will be a musician, but decided that it would be good to have a backup career in a field that I love.

I attended university for three years, and was rejected from the school of music there three times (the reason I was given for one rejection was that my hair was too long, but that is an entirely different story).  I auditioned and applied at two further schools and was outright rejected from both.

Frustrated, I withdrew from college, finally beginning to realize just how hopeless my situation was becoming.  My original $10k in student loan debt has skyrocketed.  The only jobs available to someone in my situation around here are through temp agencies, who 1) run credit checks for their “better” jobs, and 2) hold you to impossibly strict attendance and performance regulations (O once worked 14 hour days for 8 days straight; I was fired on the ninth day for being 15 minutes late to work in 16 inches of snow).

Now, I receive monthly notices and multiple-times-daily, seven-day-a-week phone calls from no fewer than five collection agencies (two of which claim to be authorized to collect the same debt).

I refuse to answer the phone, I throw away the notices unopened.  They can sue me if they like, I have nothing left to give.

I’m 30 years old, single, and live with my mother.  I have no life and no future, and it’s all because I was too stupid to realize just what I was getting myself into.  All I can do now is try to help expose our current education-financial system for what it is: a predatory method of enslavement that replaces shackles and chains with dollar signs.



2 Responses to “Same Old Story”

  1. kwan says:

    I feel so bad for you.

    Still go for your dreams. Yeah you may not make Billboards Top 100, but sell yourself to small cafe’s (think Friends) or music clubs that can pay you money doing what you love. One day a music producer might be in the crowd 😉

  2. Nicole says:

    You need to get up, dust yourself off and go find a way to pay off your debt. Get 3 jobs if you have to but don’t let your student loan dictate your future. I urge you to make a plan today to get out of debt. Three years ago I was 76,000 in debt. I work 3 jobs and today I owe 31,000. My goal is to be debt free by the end of the year. You can do it if you want to.


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