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Occupy: 12 Events That Defined Year One

Occupy: 12 Events That Defined Year One

As we approach the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Occupied Stories takes a look back at the events and actions that defined the first year of the movement. In the run-up to #S17 we will be posting stories from our archives for every month of the past year of occupy, starting with stories on the first days at Liberty Square and the spouting of other encampments nationwide. Be sure to check back often!

Featured Month:

August 2012: A Focus on Debt


New York, NY–Debt to Burn#StrikeDebt puts on a debt burn as the first step toward a debt refusal movement.





Oakland, CA–The Cost of Helping Others: Despite 6-figure debt, a massage therapist sees worth and value in following his dream: “Why would anyone shy away from this depth of love, at any price?”





Turners Falls, MA–InDEBTed to Education: A former student is pessimistic about a debt-ridden future granted to her by a school with an allegedly corrupt administration.





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Check back on Sunday for stories from August.


3 Responses to “Occupy: 12 Events That Defined Year One”

  1. Jason says:

    Oakland port shut-downs and general strikes? Who compiled this list?

  2. danny says:

    Unfortunately we can only feature stories that we have in archives. We don’t any first-person stories from those Oakland actions. Were you there? If so and would like to write about it, we’d love to feature it.


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