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May Day 2012

May Day 2012

Below is a list of first-person accounts from May Day actions across the country. Stories are still coming in so check back often to read what happened from the people who lived it; and tell us what you saw on May Day. Submit your story

New York, NY -Wildcat March and Late Night Arrests *Featured*

Montreal, Canada – What Really Happened at the Montreal May Day Protest? *Featured*

New York, NY – The Black Bloc and Wildcat Rally: One Perceptive *Featured*

Miami, FL - May Day Miami – Heating Things Up  *Featured*

New York, NY -  When the Rain Goes Away *Featured*

Oakland, CA - Black Bloc in Oakland

New York, NY – May Day General Strike!

New York, NY – Report: Occupy Wall Street, Music and Protest 

Portland, OR – M1: A First Hand Account of the Heinous Crime of Jaywalking

New York, NY -  Report back: Bryant Park and 99 Pickets 

New York, NY – My May Day

Western Mass -  May Day Loner 

Washington, D.C. – Transportation Workers, Day Laborers Join Occupy DC’s May Day Protest

Pasadena, CA – Report back: Pasadena

Port Townsend, WA -  A May Day at Home

Harrisonburg, VA -  A Songful Day

New York, NY -  The Universal Pilgrim 

Detroit, MI –  May Day Confusion at Grand Circus Park

New York, NY – Tell it to Your Lawyer

New York, NY – Occupy Peace

New York, NY – May Day NYC: How the Police Are Occupying Wall Street Too

Miami, FL – A Review of May Day in South Florida

Tacoma, WA – May Day Speech at Occupy Tacoma


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  1. We mic-checked the dansih prime ministers 1. may speech (Helle Thorning Schmidt). She stumbled a bit in her speech as we raised our Occupy signs and when we shouted after her: “HELLE ER BLÅ!” (“Helle is blue”. Wich in denmark means that blue is right wing and red is left wing, and SHE is the leader of the Socialdemocrats a left party). When she encited people to cut back on our salaries to show solidarity, we mic-checked her again “POWER TO THE PEOPLE – NOT TO THE BANKS!”. She will not forget Occupy for this.


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