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HARTFORD, CT- People say we’re inspiring. They use words like wonderful and phenomenal. Older activists tell us this world wide movement is different than any grass roots justice action in living memory. Among the encampment we’re as enthusiastic and optimistic as the grim realities allow us to be. We’re ecstatic after decades of despair to finally see progress. People are talking about what we’re talking about,
and this time last year such a thing seemed utterly impossible. Now we know everything within reason is possible but we need each other to accomplish anything. It’s up to
you and yours whether our efforts are too little too late or instead become a catalyst for the change we need and may well have no hope without. We urgently ask for you to
talk about us to everyone you know so the right people can hear. There’s so much to be done and we’re waiting for people to come into their own, which is an exciting if
not nerve racking experience as our souls becomes invigorated by the threads of our interconnectedness and we discover our own self worth; an invaluable asset.

These occupations are a gift from all of us to each of us. We’ve created wonderlands of truth and justice, so make the most of them while you can and one day we will have the freedom to peaceably occupy the entire planet and evil people
will have no shadows to hide under in the overwhelming light of our truth.

The movement requires foremost people and dedication. This is a global revolution with global solidarity, so don’t be afraid. We’re finally aware. Or almost are at least. The local colleges stand beside us to oppose totalitarianism and we hope you and your fellow people do too. Soon the metaphorical and perhaps literal fires will burn hotter than we ever imagined. Perhaps this calls for a military mutiny… Turn the guns up the chain of command and we will have freedom. This is why we must remain cool and calm like water. Don’t fight fire with fire, fight it with water. Truth is fluid. We’re here for the future generations. Occupy now and work to create justice while you still can, for we are all our brother’s keeper. The truth has made us free. This is a natural response to the fierce urgency of now. This is the
people’s rebellion and we don’t make concessions. We value community, humanity, and sustainability as peaceful means to a peaceful end.

This document is the homogenized and synthesized thoughts and opinions of a random cross section of occupiers from the Hartford contingent of the Wall Street Occupation. We are your friends and allies always and forever, no matter who you
are. This occupation being always for the well-being of everyone, belongs to you personally and no one else. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Now is the time to take it upon yourself, within reason, to do the right thing regardless of
consequence. This is about liberation, empowerment, resistance, and occupation as a means of truth proliferation. The truth sets us free.

This is about freedom. We’re a loving alternative to the consequences of an economic suicide pact of exponential growth and finite resources. We’ve got to stop the
needless killing of our own kind. There is no salvation in turning your back on anyone. We’ve got to embrace us all. You don’t have to like someone, but always love them. We have to love each other and treat each other like family. We’re all in this together now. It’s the alternative to violence. The options are peace, coexistence, and purity or a cataclysm of unimaginable horror. With such an easy decision it is
no wonder our numbers have swelled in such a way.

A noteworthy request of ours is for results. We want a peace time economy. We want obvious things like a nationwide end to the arms industry, an end to illegal nuclear facilities, an end to the Tesla technologies catastrophic science experiments on the ionosphere, an end to the carbonated acid water, and an end to the ecocide worldwide. We want access to government information, such as about clean renewable
energy that has been covered up. We need a massive energy reform effort now to help us brace for the transition away from burning oil. Also, if we could flip the heads
of state, and get some top secret files, the release of suppressed information and technology could provide a revolution by itself. This is to suggest we invade the
rabbit hole.

Before we began burning oil the global population of this planet was 1 billion people. After 120 years or so of oil consumption the population is at 7 billion and
dangerously close to suffocating, poisoning, and otherwise slaughtering the habitats and inhabitants of this planet as we approach peak oil and face existence with little or no access to the substance which plays the morose tune of our dismal dependance dance. Good riddance.

We want to end the exploitation of the have-nots by the haves. That paradigm has to go. We all require what we need and if any person wants for no reason what another
person needs for a good reason, people should not tolerate that kind of theft. Our enemy, if there ever were one, is the conduct of corrupt men with no morality. This entire situation is a threat to all of us. The propaganda hammers into us these lies about the middle-east and fake foiled terrorist plots and we accept our fear implantation because the assumption of fact after being told a supposedly true story is a backward habit of most people at large. For that reason, honesty is a capable dynamic for keeping information organized. The government should make a note. We
only know any of what we do because the truth cannot be hidden and the serpents in our midst reveal themselves for what they are if you pay close attention. The United
States wages war on the Middle-East and says they’re a threat to us, whether by some vague cover up of a failed shoe bombing or in an epic false flag at ground zero.

Hunger. Clean water. Basic necessities. That is how life lives. All this extravagance creates wealth disparity and suffering and that is a lesson we all have
to learn well. Everything in this world belongs to very few people who own us all like slaves. They neglect the nuts and bolts of their ivory towers. This is what we mean when we say we are the workers, we mean, because you neglected us, the whole structure of this tower is coming down in a controlled demolition. This country exports death. We create death as the foundation of our way of life. In Connecticut
especially, there are industries that exist for the soul purpose of creating machines to kill people across the entire planet. Those jobs are in this state because psychotic people have no conscience and no problem with taking blood money
and turning a blind eye to the aggressive foreign policy against the people of this planet. Then, of course, the rest of us need jobs, so we sometimes take blood money
because it’s all we can get. This is what you can expect when you manufacture death. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This schema has to end here. All of it. We need a
reversion or we’ll have an extinction. Not more technology, less. Not more oil, less. Not more money, less. Not more lies, less. Not more enslaved minds, less. Always more truth. Social Darwinism is anti-community.

As the system abandoned us we watched the jobs going away before our very eyes, to nations with no regulations and free labor. Oppression is alive all over the world and in countless ways. There are consequences to our actions and if you try to ignore the issues we’re telling you about, then the end result of this situation will reflect that. This effort will take every single one of us- you and your
friends and family. We are aiming to undo inequality. The equation of humanity needs to be balanced; the violence has to end; and to this our sisters worldwide are key, so recognize. Smash the patriarchy and relax.

We are against the privatization of land, and the government seizure of all national lands; which by association become uninhabitable like everything else related to
authority and power. Living in cities like sardine cans is what the ultra rich want us to do. Sustainable living awaits us all beyond the ‘keep out’ signs, but it isn’t
profitable in any monetary way. At home we deal with outwardly extravagant and inwardly tragic suburbanization and we create grotesque, termite like, suburban sprawl when all the while better communal lives await us in wide open lands off limits currently; places in the West outside Babylon and somewhere over the rainbow. In our land, in our time, they strip freedoms away by the day; they own us and
control us if we allow them. We can’t swim in our back yards. Can’t be free to be ourselves in public when the cops harass anyone for anything at all. Can’t be around after dark because the prison industrial complex wants you to be a dollar sign out of mind if you live on the street. This is inequality in your face every day. And crime. In your neighborhoods money for public services is dispersed amongst the shady characters in your midst and the public school systems or the homeless suffer. On average one penny of your tax dollar benefits the people; the other 99
pennies get embezzled or go to war. More war. We need always less war, not more.
And the food… Pray our people can somehow uncompromise the food supplies;
preservatives are not nutrients.

We can do great things and so much more. All people need is support from each other
and they can make anything happen together. We have to empower each other. Power to
the people. Power to the little people. Power to the old people. To the broke
people. To the homeless people. To the different people. The beautiful people. The
everyday people. To the revolutionaries and visionaries. Take the power back from
power tripping legislators, local government or national hiding in plain sight
behind guns, or take the money from insurance executives hiding behind armies of
lawyers. Insurance should be a public service that makes as much money as it costs
to run. As it is now it is privatized thievery from us all.

Take the power back from the police forces. They make us like children punishable by
their false accusations; traumatized by their constant harassment; and subject us to
the obvious extortion of money from the poor to fund local criminals holding office,
making laws, and laundering money behind the scenes. Segregation exists between
north end and south end. This culture is neglectful of the disenfranchised. That
could easily be you with nothing to lose. Then, with nothing to gain the government
casts aside veterans while the insurance blood suckers love to use the sick and the
vulnerable vaccinated children to drain money from our families; while the prisons
consume the best of us and breed criminal non-conformists to suffer at our
prejudices; and in our desperation we turn our backs on each other at every corner,
when that is the opposite of what we need to do. Propaganda and patriotism have
synthesized a hypnotized and satiated population of weak minded, apathetic, arrogant,

ignorant, rabid people. For thousands of years the rich enslaved our minds and

souls so we couldn’t use the truth against them. The internet has set us free. The

whole world knows now what has happened to us. Many of us were raised in a false
security. 9/11 changed everything. And slowly we began learning the truth about
conspiracies and lies. We’ve come together in this struggle against plutocracy. Our
occupations are a worldwide occurrence. Today is the 32nd day. By spreading the
truth, we will win. We have to set each other free from financial tyranny. We have
nothing to gain from lying to anyone and everything to gain by showing the truth to

We are under or un employed. In a very real way we are uncertain anyone will have a
future. We look around and see nothing but instability. Perilous losses are a missed
payment away for most people. It’s not fair and it is dangerous for the entire
planet. Anything can happen at any time in any one of our fragile little worlds. We
have to fight back, not jostle for position each time someone bites the dust. This
is the time for general strikes. Don’t pay the financiers or bankers or any agency
collecting money. If we all stop paying together, no one will pay, and we could
bring down almost any slave driving baby killing capitalist in such a way. The
solidarity of the strikes is like this: If you stop paying, then your peers will not
in good conscience let you stand alone and they will stop paying too. Which will
benefit them in money saved. Soon all will no longer pay out of solidarity to the
universal struggle. We could take back the world with strikes at this point.
Striking is the way to free yourself from any slavery: be it wage, debt, tax, or physical.
Defy your extortionists, but do it with 10,000 of your friends. The 99% will
support this effort because it is tactically sound; we will all be in it together.
Defy now, before striking won’t work anymore. We have to push their hand and see
what they will do if we have any hope of staying on top of this struggle. This is
an insecure time and what comes next might be the most beautiful thing any of us
could have ever imagined. Or, we fail, and capitalism sends us back into the
ground and makes crude oil of us all. It is difficult to see a future for any of
us in this dim light. Our loved ones suffer and that is not acceptable, especially
when we are all each’s loved ones. So step up for a better way for the people who
can’t do it themselves. This economic calamity is none of our faults. But it is
our problem. So, we aim to erase suffering in any ways we can. Our lives are
terrible because the world is terrible. We either allow this tyranny of our hearts
and minds to continue forever unchallenged, or we cease, desist, and welcome the reality
check of this drastic ecocidal situation. Our one demand has to be all demands met.

As it stands, any company with a commercial, a logo, and a shortcut can destroy any
part of the planet they want for any purpose they claim valid as long as it all
falls on the bottom line of profit. Yet, somehow, unfortunate minded citizens claim
millionaires earn their money, when, in actuality there is no way for any one person
to earn such large quantities of money without exploiting somebody eventually, if
not immediately. If we allow capitalism as it functions currently to continue
unchecked, it will kill most life above ground and most life in the water. This is
glaringly obvious to those of us paying extra attention. It is unfortunate the press
has puppy parades to report on and uncovering corruption and injustice isn’t their
main priority.

This movement is for the future generations. We are people. We are animals. We can
be part of the world, for better or worse, or we can be separate from it- worse off
always. Our minds can only flourish to the degree they can grow on fluoridated
water. Our masters keep us trapped inside ourselves with televisions, magazines, and
indoctrinated lying educations; this compartmentalization does not allow us to see
the entire picture of kings and kingdoms and the men behind the thrones giving
orders. There are serfdoms and misinformed armies. One is starving while the other
is slaughtering. Like always. If only we could all live and work together without
money. We are weak to allow them to keep the best of our youth far away in the lands
of the war crimes. People claim to have a clue, but letting our family be sent to
die for no real reason is our first mistake. We are failing them to allow this to go
on. You must learn from those who have found the truth before you. Such people c
an be found at the occupations. You will even find such a person within yourself at
the occupations.

Get the unofficial version of the story of what is happening from us; the version
that rings true to the facts. The real life facts decimate the executive story of
the events that transpired over the last ten years of history in this disaster of
ours. Even hard working people can’t make a living. Even lawyers can’t get work, and
their job was essentially to be criminals on behalf of sums of money. There is
nothing left for any of us. It is an illusion and they are extracting the final
profits from us. Soon they will abandon us, like the homeless, when there is nothing
left to gain. There is too much slavery. There is too much want. Few understand what
we all need. Instead, as we try to put the puzzle pieces together, we find in each
other varying degrees of informed, various degrees of understanding, and different
definitions of ‘ideal.’ Many will advocate for a 3rd party populist movement and
more power to them, but they- perhaps like you- still have faith in a government th
at has done the most harm to the most people world wide; including harm done to
people in our country, for instance by having offices like the USDA, FDA, and EPA
with no accountability or transparency. Really, accountability and transparency are
all any of us can hope from for each other. The truth and honesty are really all
any of us need.

We require wholly different economic designs, ideals, and principles. We need to
want less. We need what we need. And we need to not give away what is rightfully
ours for no good reason. It’s highway robbery. The rich stealing from the poor.
Stealing from so many since all have so little. We should hope for a design akin to
pure communism, which could in theory simultaneously be pure anarchy. Third party
populist movements are fine but unfortunate. Once we succumb to the system we’ve
already got, it’s kind of all lost, because that thing doesn’t work, nor will any
amount of tinkering fix it in any meaningful way. The authorities will try to break
us but must not succeed and indeed must never tame the radical spirit of this
movement. We should strive to cast aside the obsolete machines some of us are hung
up on remaining enslaved to. Be practical: Demand the impossible. There is not much
time. The 99% are combating 235 years worth of lies, misdeeds, and crimes
perpetrated by a bourgeoisie greed and a government, that, while designed for a population of
roughly one million people is all this time later controlling populations
numbering in the hundreds of millions; with no adjustment made for the population
inflation. We want world peace not world tragedy. We want everyone to get what
they deserve. It’s what people have always struggled for, peaceful lives free from
the blood lust and power trips of others. In our eyes we envision utopia and thus
can guide all people there. Our one demand is all demands met. That includes your
righteous demands. Don’t accept concessions and we’ll make it all way to the big
picture together. Solidarity and love from Occupy Hartford.



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