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Crushed by Debt


Born into a middle class family who owned a mom & pop grocery store operating on a cash basis, you may not realize it but you’re taught that cash is king. Qualifications for loans or credit cards were never discussed. The real world is quite different on your own, parents deceased, store gone, just a working stiff trying to live the American dream. Land contract you thought bought your house is defaulted on by mortgagee and about to be foreclosed. IRS wants payment plan? Under water is not a reasonable term, more like frozen in ice. Credit report agencies won’t budge, a three way triplecross. What are my chances?

-Jon Tucci-



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  1. kwan says:

    You should call the Suze Orman show and ask her for some advice, i think you can ask to not be “on air” if you dont want to. If for some reason you dont like her, talk to a highly recommended financial advisor person in your area.

    Good luck!


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